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Jaouad Saffoury

I used the two tools about a year ago, they helped me a lot, especially to determine the score of niches, and to know the appropriate keywords for my book. I highly recommend them.

Nuria Carrasco

The Self Publishing tools are a must for anyone creating low content books. I love using these tools because they help me save time and provide me with an instant overview of the data I need. I can thoroughly recommend them.

Paddy Whittock

Great guy, great tools! Even if you you have the budget for paid tools, SPT’s free extensions are a must have for any Low Content Book Publisher

Rebecca Holman

Having tools to do Low Content Books is part of the business. Having great FREE tools that help us succeed in this business is a blessing. The extensions coming from Corvin at Self Publishing Titans is nothing short of game changing.

سمير إغجو

The "Titans" tools are a "must-have". You get all the metrics and information you need (Niche score, Keywords, BSRs, av.Sales...etc) at a glance. I also loved the ability to download the keyword list suggested, and have it at my disposition to evaluate it later. Really great work!

Rachel Harrison

Conducting manual niche research on Amazon is a huge time suck, but the Self-Publishing Titans Chrome Extensions dramatically reduce the time it takes to conduct solid research, while also providing valuable market insights that just can’t be gleaned by manual research alone.

Mohamed A. Ansary

Very helpful and useful tools. If you plan to dig deep into this field, Self-Publishing Titans is a must.


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