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Coloring Your World: A Guide to Self-Publishing a Coloring Book

Gone are the days when coloring books were only child's play. Today, adults use coloring books for therapy. You can be an artist and an author too if you self-publish your coloring book. Self-publishing a coloring book allows you to share your visual creativity with the world. Before you embark on your self-publishing journey, read this article.

Planning your Coloring Book

Here are a few steps in planning your coloring book before self-publishing.

  • The first step is to choose a theme for your coloring book, do some research to see what a good niche would be. Look at what type of coloring books are in demand but don’t have an overwhelming amount of competition. Also choose something that you are passionate about, so that you have fun creating it. 
  • The next step is to work on your designs. You can create your own designs if you have creative ability. Another option is collaborating with professional illustrators to create your coloring book.
  • The final step is to decide the trim size of your book. The traditional size for coloring books is 8.5x11 inches. However, self-publishing allows you to try new things, and you can choose any size that complements your theme.

Why Self-publish a Coloring Book?

Publishing a coloring book might seem more like an artistic thing than an author's thing, but the fact is that you can become a self-published author by channeling your inner creativity.

What sets coloring books apart from some other types of books is the fact that these books take less effort than traditional books and can be more rewarding. 

For first-time publishers, coloring books are a great choice to get started with . Self- publishing a coloring book is not only artistically fulfilling but it can also be financially rewarding if done right. With coloring books becoming a means of therapy and relaxation, they have become very popular with adults.

Self-publishing Platform

There are multiple self-publishing platforms where you can self-publish your coloring book.

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  • IngramSpark
  • BlueRose Publishers
  • Etsy

Common Mistakes to Avoid

With coloring books becoming more common, some authors often fall prey to these mistakes. Before you go on self-publishing your coloring book, have a look at these mistakes and make sure you don't make them;

  • Copied Content: Never copy someone else's design. Use your original artwork. If you hire an illustrator, sign the contract and keep the copyright to your name.
  • Low-Quality Designs & Cover: Don't use low-resolution designs. Keep in mind to provide your customers with a premium experience. A bad-quality design can ruin the coloring experience and your sales. Your cover also needs to stand out and be better then your competition, as this will be the first thing your potential customer will see.
  • Publishing Your Book in a Saturated Niche: Publishing a coloring book without doing any research beforehand, can lead to a disappointment experience with no sales. Doing keyword research and finding a good niche can make all the difference. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, self-publishing coloring books can be fun and rewarding. You can turn your passion into earning extra income by doing good research, planning, designing your coloring book, avoiding mistakes, and choosing the right platform.


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