If you have an Amazon account

In order to log into your KDP account, go to https://kdp.amazon.com.

  • Click Sign in next to Sign in with your Amazon account.
  • Click Sign in after providing your email address and password.
  • The KDP Bookshelf will be displayed once you have successfully signed into your account.

If you need an Amazon account

  • To create a KDP account, go here KDP and click Sign up.
  • Fill in your name, email, and a strong password must be entered.
  • You must submit author, payment, and tax information after creating your account. 

To finish setting up your account, follow the directions below:

Publisher and Author Information

Create your account profile by:

  • Either include the name of your publishing company or your initials and last name. Please do not use your pen name here.
  • Type of business (individual or corporation)
  • Date of birth or incorporation for the individual or business receiving payment.
  • Select your preferred home nation or area.
  • Please provide the postal address you wish us to use for royalty payments and tax reporting.
  • Press Save.

The author's legal name should match the name listed in the author/publisher information. Your payments and tax forms will be issued by us under the same name. If you want to use a pen name, enter it when you're setting up your book's details.

Earning Money

Adding a bank account

  • Log into your KDP account, do the two-step verification.
  • Click Add a bank account under Getting Paid.
  • Input your bank account details in accordance with your country's or region's regulations.
  • To save information, click Add. A green check will appear to let you know that adding your bank was successful.
  • Press Save.

KDP offers direct deposits, wire transfers, and checks. If you cannot locate your bank account, it means that Amazon most probably does not support wire transfers or direct deposits to your bank account. There are payment alternatives that are accessible based on your bank's location like linking a Payoneer account for an American Bank account as an option if you live outside of the US.

Note: The name listed as the account holder under "Tell us about your bank" should match the name listed as the account holder for the bank account. We might not be able to deposit your payments if the name doesn't exactly match your bank records.

Information on Taxes

To comply with U.S. tax reporting rules, Amazon requires all publishers, including nonprofit or tax-exempt organizations, to present verified taxpayer identity. Depending on whether you are a citizen of the United States or another country, different tax withholding and requirements apply.

As a last step in filing your taxes:

  • Go to Your Account and select Tax Information.
  • Select Complete Tax Information. Click View/Provide Tax Information to update your tax information.
  • Enter your tax interview information and then click Exit Tax Interview to save your changes.

You must submit a tax identification number (TIN) if you are a non-U.S. publisher interested in claiming tax treaty benefits to lower your withholding.

To find out more about taxes and your KDP account, go to Tax Information.

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