1) What should I avoid doing with KDP?

- Don’t use Trademark/Copyright materials. (Prime example: Disney anything) - check https://tmsearch.uspto.gov/

- Do not upload public domain books as is. KDP requires you to make specific modifications. Annotated: Unique annotations (additional content like study guides, literary critiques, detailed biographies, or historical context) Illustrated: 10 or more unique illustrations relevant to the book Read full rules here: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G200743940

- Do not put your book in irrelevant book categories. This is not allowed and will get you into trouble (sooner or later)

- Do not open more than 1 personal KDP account

- Do not use free images from Google Images, Pinterest, etc. Use websites like pixabay.com pexels.com or buying images / interiors from Creative Fabrica, Etsy, Adobe. Always make modifications to what you download. The only exception should be regular lined journal paper, grids, simple things like that. Always add your own little touch to what you download.

- Do not stuff your title and subtitle with a bunch of keywords. Make it look and sound natural. You shouldn’t need to take a deep breath to finish reading it. (Bad example: Notebook for Kids and Children to Write In Notepad for Notes: Notebook for my Kid and his Child Birthday Christmas him and her) Here is a guide: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/GW7J4WEKBVU25YEC

- Do not use keywords in your author name and do not use famous author names

- Read the email you receive when your book goes live. There’s important info in the email


2) Where are the KDP Terms and Conditions? 



3) Where can I find the KDP Help Center? 



4) Where can I get free book interiors from?

Send me a message on https://www.facebook.com/selfpublishingtitans/ page. When on the page, click on send message (to page) and then click on “Get Started” inside messenger and then click on “Free Book Templates” and you’ll get an instant and free download link and get simple and easy to use interiors for beginners to start with.


5) How can I find profitable keywords / niches?

Use my free tools from https://selfpublishingtitans.com . Installation and basic use videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkOTYGNYxS6jq7JT3Fk5NEQ for more videos you can check our The Home Boss and StackinProfit. They have done many great videos showing how they use it. There are also other YouTubers making good videos with it as well.


6) What keyword score is good with Self Publishing Titans free tool?

Anything above 50 should be good. 60+ is usually ideal. (But it does not have to be, no program is 100% accurate. I have been tweaking and refining this tool for the last 2 years, so its quite good and its all my wife and I use, but still have to use your own good judgment to confirm a niche. Pro tip, don’t create / invent search terms. Keep it simple and use only suggested keywords from Amazon search bar suggestions. That way you 100% know someone is actually typing / clicking on those keywords. Make sure you search on Amazon in ALL departments NOT Books. Most customers search in ALL departments that is where you want to do your research too.


7) What niches should I work on?

For Q4 check out the different holidays and celebrations, do the same for each other month and quarter. Look at the best sellers in the different categories you like, look at new trends you see on the news, social media, etc. Make sure to always niche down enough. Is KDP a get rich quick business? No. It will take a lot of work to get it up and running. But very rewarding when done correctly. Take your time to learn and do it right. You can make this a very successful, worthwhile business with a full time income.


9) Should I bulk upload?

No, you will not see results, you can get into trouble with KDP. KDP definitely knows who bulk uploads, no matter how fast or slow you do it. Quality over quantity goes a long way.


10) What KDP YouTube channels are there?

Full list of channels you can learn from is on https://selfpublishingtitans.com page.


11)My Amazon ads are getting no clicks and little impressions, what should I do?

Few options / reasons. 1) Bids are too low. Increase it. 2) Targeting the wrong things, add more relevant targets 3) Amazon does not understand your book listing and it wont target much of anything. If that is the case, make a better new listing.


12) My Amazon ads spent is high and no sales, what should I do?

First cut your biggest losers and pause them if they have spend a lot of money / clicks without any results. Anything with a high ACOS (High spend vs return in simple term) lower the bids on those, or if really really bad, pause too. Also check to see what books the ads are targeting exactly. Is it the right competitors / audience? If not correct it. If you have tried to manage it and nothing seems to help, pause the campaign and make a better book in a better niche with better keywords and make new ads for that book. Here is a YouTube playlist with videos for beginners to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXO3OnPuydE...


13) My KDP account got terminated, what can I do?

Nothing. When you break rules, especially trademark / copyright related, you will get terminated.


14) I have uploaded 100 books and no sales, what should I do?

Realize that you spammed KDP most likely and have wrong keywords and titles. Start from beginning again by watching YouTube videos / taking courses on how to do KDP correctly and you will start seeing your deserved results with happy book buyers. 


15) Who has KDP courses?

Rachel Harrison, Rebecca Holman, Nuria with The Home Boss, Paddy with StackinProfit, Shashwat, Dane Mcbeth, Royalty Academy, I think Ashley Schmitt has one. There are plenty.


16) What should I put in the 7 keyword slots?

For your 7 backend keywords do not use trademarks, famous authors, movies, brands in it. Here is a full guide on what you should do: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G201298500


17) When will my sales from Amazon Ads (PPC) show on sales dashboard?

Once the book is printed and shipped.


18) I have uploaded public domain books, no sales, now what?

This will be because of different reasons: bad cover, bad title (spelling, spammy, grammar, wrong keywords, etc) Bad description, bad interior, wrong price. Most likely reason will be wrong niche and keywords so your not ranking anywhere near page 1 and bad cover will easily kill a sale.


19) Can I change a title once book is live?

No you cannot change a title for a book once its life. Only for ebooks.


20) how many books should I create for 1 good keyword?

Between 1-3. No need to create lots of them. 1 can be just enough. Especially at the beginning before testing the niche to see if your going to get sales. Doing a few different ones can be ok, but not good and no need to spam a niche with the same of everything.


21) how long are books in review for usually?

For no content books it will usually be the longest can be be days, up to a week and if KDP is getting flooded with new books could even be much longer. The only thing you can do is wait. There is nothing one can do to speed it up. Low content, medium and high content books get approved much faster (usually)


22) I am having problems with KDP preview, what are the most common errors?

(most common mistakes, margin errors, what dimensions, what fixes? ) (need to get answers from members)


(thanks to everyone that contributed to making this. Please let me know what else should be added to this list )Please help share link to this for newcomers when needed to help them out. We're one big happy publishing family 

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