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7 Reasons Why KDP Is Still Worth It

Although Amazon's books sales only make up 10% of the company market, it still generates $28 billion worldwide from the annual book sales. Moreover, Amazon Kindle dominates the e-market with a whopping 72% share.

Due to the massive customer base and huge royalties, every customer dreams of publishing on Kindle. It made Kindle Direct Publishing one of the leading self-publishing platforms. But it is not the only one. With so many self-publishing platforms, the question arises: Is KDP still worth it? Keep reading to find out the answer.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing, aka KDP, is Amazon's publishing platform that allows independent users to publish their books on Kindle and Kindle worldwide. 

It is a fast, simple, and free way for authors to publish their books while keeping control of everything. They can create an account, upload their book, and publish it quickly. It also allows authors to sell their books as eBooks or physical books while receiving a maximum royalty of up to 70%.

7 Reasons Why KDP Is Still Worth It

Here are 7 reasons why we believe that KDP is still worth it.

  • Low Entry Costs: KDP is a great alternative option for authors on a low budget who want to publish their books without any huge investment. It also removes the need to aggressively market your book, which can save a lot of bucks. Lastly, it even allows non-authors to publish low-content books and earn from them.
  • Offer High Royalties: KDP cares for its authors, unlike traditional or self-publishing platforms. It offers up to 70% off on books priced over $2.99 and 35% for books priced between $0.99 and $1.99. To get maximum royalties, we advise you to check the Amazon royalty help page before pricing your books.
  • Multiple Publishing Options: KDP gives you a wide range of publishing options. Most authors publish their books as Kindle eBooks. Along with these, you can also publish physical books, including paperbacks and hardbacks. Amazon will print these books and ship them out to your customers.
  • Control over Pricing and Promotions: Amazon KDP gives self-publishing authors complete control over pricing and promotions. Authors decide what the price of their book will be and what type of promotion should go on them. 
  • Faster Time to Market: Unlike traditional publishing houses, which take ages to market your book, you can use KDP to market your book in a few days.
  • Amazon's Massive Audience: Amazon Kindle has millions of users, and as a self-publishing author, you will have access to all of those. It gives you an opportunity to improve your sales and profit tremendously.
  • KDP Select All-Star Bonuses: If you are a successful author with many page-reads, you can apply for KDP Select All-Star Bonuses. It uses various signals, including page reads, to determine what books delight the readers.


Is KDP Still Worth It?

With so many publishing platforms, people wonder if KDP is still worth it!

Not every book will make money, but people who understand the Amazon platform and know how to target their audience can build an extremely worthwhile publishing income. 

From low-cost publishing to up to 70% royalties, this platform still has everything you need to make your publication successful.


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