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KDP Code of Conduct & Ethics by Self Publishing Titans

The intention of this code is to improve the quality of the KDP community not only for Self Publishing Titans, but as a whole.

If you agree with these points please like, comment and share to help spread the message and reach everyone. If you have your own group or website, feel free to use as well.

As a Self Publishing Titans user / member you agree to abide by the following:

1) Treat others with courtesy and respect.

Do: be kind, helpful, respectful and truthful. Do give help where possible.

Don’t: No rudeness, hate, bullying, insults, abuse or harassment of others. (Constructive & helpful criticism is always welcome and helpful). No engaging in defamation slander and rumor mongering. Further do not discriminate against other people's beliefs, nationality, religion, race, ethnicity, sex, disability, medical conditions, or anything else on this spectrum.

2) Follow Amazon & KDP terms and conditions to the best of your abilities and understanding.

3) Follow trademark and copyright laws not just in the USA but any applicable country I publish and sell in, to the best of your abilities and knowledge. This includes not using other people's names or brands names, designs, images or works.

4) Get familiar and educated with Amazon KDP best practices to avoid putting your own or other people's accounts / businesses in danger because of violations or even worse get your account terminated. This includes getting familiar with the KDP help pages. There will be no attempt to help others circumvent KDPs Terms of Service, including but not exclusive to, creating another account when the first one has been terminated. On the flipside there will be an uncapped helpline for those on the KDP journey doing it the right way.

5) To only publish books that are high quality and able to satisfy a customer's expectations. 

6) Not getting involved with black hat fake review services.

7) Not to create or promote scams related to products or services that are against the KDP guidelines or are not beneficial.

8) Following the common sense Facebook group rules to give everyone an enjoyable experience, safe environment and overall fun KDP journey. Most obvious ones that won’t be tolerated and should be reported are: 1) DMing people especially without their prior origination 2) Sending friend requests to strangers. 3) Sharing some unapproved affiliate link, especially to nonsense. Anything that bothers you, please report, so it can be dealt with accordingly right away.

These are basic common sense points that the vast majority are naturally following. But written here to appeal to the tiny minority not following them. People in gross violation will forfeit access to Self Publishing Titans tools, services and groups.

We believe in second chances. Everyone makes or has made mistakes and potentially has done things one regrets. If you were removed due to violations of this code from the group, lost access to tools or anything related to Self Publishing Titans, and wish for a second chance to do things the right away, you are welcome to. If this is the case send an email to selfpublishingtitans at gmail dot com for an appeal.

And like always, happy publishing :)

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