7 Backend Keywords Tool

By Self Publishing Titans

Are you struggling to get book sales or does keyword research confuse you?

Our 7 Backend Keywords Tool is the first of its kind research tool. It is the ultimate solution for authors who want to optimize their SEO, rankings and sales on Amazon.


Use-friendly and easy to use for quick and easy keywordresearch.
Customizable options to tailor specifically to your book.
Lifetime Access and unlimited use


Increase your book's discoverability and rank higher on Amazon
Improve your Amazon rankings and reach more potential readers
Save time and effort with our intuitive and powerful tool.
Right now during this launch we are doing a limited-time special offer and giving you a 50% discount for the lifetime bundles.
Don't miss out. Take advantage of this awesome offer and start optimizing your book's keywords today.

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7 Backend Keywords Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the 7 Backend Keywords Tool work?

Our tool uses advanced algorithms to analyze and suggest the most effective keywords to improve its discoverability on Amazon.


Can I use this tool for multiple books

Yes, our tool is designed to help you optimize keywords for all your books.


Is the 50% discount applicable for the future?

The 50% discount is only available during the launch special. After launch it will be at full price.

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